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SYAX filter press feed pump

Product Introduction

The SYAX filter press feed pump is a filter press specific feed pump product designed and developed using advanced fluid theory and combined with the feed conditions of various filter press applications. After various trials in coal washing, environmental protection, aluminum plants, smelting and other occasions, its performance has reached the leading level in China. Its pressure filtration effect, filtration drying time, anti clogging of sewage and sewage, no leakage, and overall stability have all been praised by users. It has played a positive promoting role in improving efficiency for various users. The pump is installed with dual main impellers in both forward and reverse directions, and during operation, it is coordinated with changes in resistance inside the filter press to achieve high flow rate, low pressure feeding, and low flow rate, high pressure filtration. Its special hydraulic performance perfectly matches the gradual process of the filter press from cavity filling to filtration drying. During the initial feeding stage, there is no need to use valves to control motor overload caused by excessive flow. The unique installation method of the impeller and the role of the auxiliary impeller ensure that the shaft seal is basically leak free during the high pressure operation of the pump in the later stage of pressing. According to the medium requirements, packing seal, single end face containerized mechanical seal, and double end face containerized (with built-in water tank) mechanical seal can be selected.

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