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Ceramic slurry pump

1. Strong wear resistance of silicon carbide:
The crystal structure of silicon carbide is similar to the tetrahedral structure of diamond, and it is a compound mainly composed of covalent bonds. Its hardness is second only to diamond. According to the comparative test of XAJD, its wear resistance is 3.51 times that of Cr30 wear-resistant steel.
2. Strong corrosion resistance of silicon carbide ceramics:
Good chemical stability, able to withstand corrosion from almost all inorganic acids, organic acids, and bases, and has excellent antioxidant properties.

Product Introduction

Ceramic slurry pump, suitable for industries such as mining, metallurgy, power, coal, chemical, building materials, etc., conveying abrasive and corrosive slurries containing solid particles, such as power plant ash conveying, coal slurry conveying, metallurgical ore dressing plant slurry conveying, coal washing plant coal slurry and heavy medium conveying, etc. The weight concentration of its solid-liquid mixture is 45% for mortar and 60% for mineral slurry.

This pump has high efficiency, stable operation, high reliability, and long service life, as well as improved impact resistance, and has been successfully applied to a stage mill pump.

In the highly abrasive working conditions of mines, the service life of ceramic pumps is 4-6 times that of metals, and the large particle size of slurry can reach 32mm, meeting the needs of pumps in all mineral processing processes.

The company has a product research and development center, a machining center, a dust-free assembly workshop, and a 30000 square meter real-life experimental site, providing good technical support for the manufacturing of environmental protection



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